Daily Word Prompt- Peace


As I considered today’s prompt I remembered my first holiday in Egypt and one the activities I booked was to visit a bedouin camp.

It was memorable for many reasons, but the biggest for me was as night rolled in. The nights came in early and as it grew darker and darker the thing that stood out was the silence. The Peace was like nothing I had ever experienced before. There was no background noise of any kind. It was like a the blanket. There was nothing I knew to compare to it. Imagine such peace where you hear absolutely nothing all around you for miles? Not a bird. Not an insect. It made me realise how much I have been conditioned to constant sound on some level throughout my day. Like a constant frying or droning behind every conversation. Not sure I could get use to that level of peace 24/7?


8 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt- Peace

    1. Hi Kate thank you but the Photo is one I chose from Canva and updated withe Peace. I would like that leave of peace either 24/7 I love the sound of birds and nature to much. Its good to be back🤩

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