Poetry: Secrets

To know, yet not speak. Shhhhhhhh!!!! To understand, yet not share. Secrets are purposefully hidden. Secrets come in many forms and guises, Some childlike and simple, No harm just enticing. Yet Some are dark A fathomless pit. Sorrow's and hurt, the centre of it. Continuously with you, an additional weight. A mask of many faces … Continue reading Poetry: Secrets

Poetry: Winter

Canva Image The air is crisp and sharp, The cold an envelope I now stand in,  My warm breath, a visible mist, Ascending, a fading cloud, a mist.   The trees are still, covered in white Snow has fallen heavily over night, Not a sound can be heard, it is still and quiet. A white … Continue reading Poetry: Winter

Short Story: Unwanted De Ja Vu

Created on Canva Most people look forward to getting tired and going to sleep. However, not me. I would happily bypass sleep if I could. I never looked forward to the night, because I knew what it meant. I knew what was coming. That inevitable feeling of fear and helplessness. It wasn't always this bad. … Continue reading Short Story: Unwanted De Ja Vu

#SoCs – Daily Prompt ‘First Thing’

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2021 Daily Prompt – Jan. 16th First thing was not to react. This he knew was key in order to not escalate the situation. This wasn't the first he had encountered racists. It was situations like this in his childhood that caused him to lash out. I would fight … Continue reading #SoCs – Daily Prompt ‘First Thing’

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131-Emotions

My memories of my first holiday in Paris are bursting with emotions. This is one of my favourite photos, which I took when I visited Notre Dame. I have never seen models at work in a location on a photo shoot before, until I saw this couple. At first I thought they were a real … Continue reading Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131-Emotions

Poetry: The First Time I Saw You

The first time I saw you, I was in total awe. Your fingers were so perfect! Your feet, in miniature. I was physically exhausted, child birth was far from easy Contractions taking over me, demanding every ounce of strength from me. An intense wave that rose rhythmically within me. Now over, instantly. You had arrived. … Continue reading Poetry: The First Time I Saw You

Short Story: No Longer Waiting!

It was everything I had imagined. I was shattered, but in the best way. For I was now Mrs Amelia Garrison-Diamond. The sun was a combination of oranges, pink, reds, amber's and yellow, as drawn was breaking and the sun was now starting to ascend in the tranquil morning sky bringing in another beautiful day … Continue reading Short Story: No Longer Waiting!