Short Story: No Longer Waiting!

It was everything I had imagined.

I was shattered, but in the best way. For I was now Mrs Amelia Garrison-Diamond.

The sun was a combination of oranges, pink, reds, amber’s and yellow, as drawn was breaking and the sun was now starting to ascend in the tranquil morning sky bringing in another beautiful day in its wake.

I could see perfectly through the floor to ceiling beach front windows in our room onto our private beach. I could hear and see the sea in the distance rolling in and gentle breaking on the beach.

The birds sang beautifully and conversationally between themselves whilst I simply drank it all into the deepest part of my soul.

Mr Diamond’s heart was beating strongly and rhythmically behind me, as I rested in his arms. One was my pillow whilst the other laid heavily over my waist. He was sleeping. Breathing gently but deeply. His warm breath breaking gently across my hair.

The wedding day had simply been the best day of my life. It had taken ten whole months to arrange. But between my sister Nadine and The Wedding Planner – Jacqueline Burrowes, they had done a phenomenal job. I was far from the model bride. Infact, I know I was frustrating and Jacqueline was ready to walk after three months, due to my particular taste and unrelenting expectations. But Nadine saved her because she knew she was good and I on the other hand would challenge a Saint.

I wanted things done to a particular standard; my standard, and compromise was not in my vocabulary when it came to my wedding. There were hundred and twenty guests. Only our nearest and dearest family and friends. I had no time for wannabe influencers and hanger-on friends. You know the one’s? The ones that seem to have a sixth sense of an event that has connections, and where it pays to be seen. So, they show up out of nowhere. The fact you and I or you Tony have had no communication for years all of a sudden is forgotten and swept aside. Not by me, it’s not!

I rolled the sheets down to my waist as Tony’s body heat was like lying next to a heater. He pulled me in tighter as he moved his face into the back of my neck, after gently kissing my shoulder a lower neck.

” You smell good, he teased”

“I smiled, as I reached for his hand and interlocked my fingers.

I always got lost in his hugs. He made me feel loved and safe, all at the same time. No one could make me relax enough to trust them, the way I had learnt to trust him. My past had taught me how to fight. I trusted no one, let alone allowed myself to trust you with my heart – never!

He navigated five years of putting up with me and my non committed lifestyle. I was happy to just focus on work, work and more work. Family and a personal relationship were squeezed into the gaps.

Nadine endured alot, but she was the only one who understood me, until Tony

I fought hard, pushed hard. I carried no one. However, if I said I would support you, know that my word was like gold. You could take it to the bank. I learnt how to invest my money wisely over the years and two small charities that were close to my heart for personal reasons had grown over the years as my business had grown over the years.

I released his hand and raised my left hand out before my eyes. My wedding band and interlocked engagement ring sparkled back at me. “No longer waiting!” I stared totally loved up at my rings.

Married! Me! Something I never thought possible, let alone considered for myself. Infact, I railed against it. I worked hard to ensure it never crossed any of my lovers minds. They were a past time nothing more.

Tony however recognised the fight. Because it was exactly how he functioned. Therefore, his tactic was to make himself unforgettable. I never got bored of him and I could never predict him.

I never owned him and he never owned me. The result was we could not be away from each other more than three weeks max. When together it was always easy and comfortable. It never felt like we had to work at being together. Laughter was easy. Conversations teased, played and inspired us. He became my friend and confidant.

I loved what we had and didnt see the point of marriage. It wasn’t until I met his parents and observed them together the resistance to marriage broke. They had been married fifty-Five years. They behaved like teenagers together. His mum totally trusted Tony’s dad. They laughed with each other when they thought no one was watching. Gestures, small looks. Sub conversations, I could tell they were as active as I was with Tony. If I could have what they had, I wanted it!

The ice thawed and slowly I warmed towards the idea of marriage. I knew it would come up again and when it did I would be ready.

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