Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131-Emotions

My memories of my first holiday in Paris are bursting with emotions. This is one of my favourite photos, which I took when I visited Notre Dame.

I have never seen models at work in a location on a photo shoot before, until I saw this couple. At first I thought they were a real couple. But as I watched I realised they were models. The contrast of seeing the white wedding dress becoming more and more mared in the dust of the ground and the pigeons gathering around them was very surreal. Amidst the hubbub of tourists like me.

With a Blue Filter

I was so impressed by the architecture of Notre Dame. The queue was horrendous so I didn’t see inside. I just wasn’t going to stand for ages in what was a heatwave while I was out there

I remember watching the news in total shock in April the following year and seeing the huge fire that destroyed a large part of this amazing building.

There’s also something about the graffiti and discarded newspaper against walls that have stood through years of time. They don’t belong there yet they are.

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8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131-Emotions

  1. Hi, Neveah. This is such an iconic spot in Paris! Interesting that you captured the models posing for a wedding shot. Once you mentioned they were models, I took a closer look at their faces to “read” their emotions! I think they are more “matter-of-fact” and less emotional than the usual wedding couple. What a beautiful spot to photograph them. Perfect. I’m glad you joined us this week!


  2. Models? Yes, i guess there are models everywhere, but we often think they are ordinary people. Strange with all the doves around them. And they show almost no emotions at all. Go inside the Notre Dame next time – it’s an experience, and now ofter the fire – one wonders what it will feel like.


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