Poetry: Secrets

To know, yet not speak.  Shhhhhhhh!!!!
To understand,  yet not share.
Secrets are purposefully hidden.

Secrets come in many forms and guises,
Some childlike and simple,
No harm just enticing.
Some are dark
A fathomless pit.
Sorrow's and hurt, the centre of it.
Continuously with you, an additional weight.
A mask of many faces skillfully placed.

But then there are secrets, that feel eternally bright,
A wedding, a new venture,
Its exciting, 
A total delight!

Secrets, they do evoke a double life.
Deceptions and lies, in tangent, 
Side by side.

Secrets, secrets, they change you, you know.
Be careful how they start,
For they are an entangling rope.

© The Imaginary Bureau Blog 2021

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