Short Story: The Nowhere House

This was given as homework on my course. Write about this picture?
This trip was not fun,
I was feeling truly glum,
The rain was pouring down upon my head.
My dad was rushing,
I tried not fussing, as we both got more and more wet.

I could see a house
Ahead not too far.
It looked higgledy piggledy, a bit bizzar.
Uneven and somewhat unkept.
The fence was broken
The windows seemed dark,
A house in the middle of nowhere,
'The Nowhere House.'

Soon we came to what felt like a sudden stop.
Dad knocked on the door
Knock, knock, knock knock!
Not even a bell!
How ancient and odd?
I bet there's no internet either?
I don't think I can cope!!!

Cheer up!! Said the voice
Come on inside?
You look completely frozen,
Its been raining for hours.

I looked up towards the familiar voice
Her face softly wrinkled,
With wise eyes that were kind and soft.

It was my Aunt Ruby
Now somewhat old
I had never been to her house before.
I stood, totally dripping, shivering and cold.

But seeing her face again
That smile. That grin.
Maybe I can last a while 
Inside was warm and certainly more inviting.

A scamper, a rustle, then a rush and a bark
Its a dog coming for me, my heart almost stopped!
This is Honey! She's harmless
She's still just a pup.
She loves visitor's, and so does Rum.

Rum! Who's Rum?  I asked my Aunt.
He's a Border Colly, more than likely not far.

Give me your coats? They're thoroughly wet.
Put your cases in the corner and follow me? She said.
Dinner is ready its your favourite I think.
I'm so pleased to see you, let me make you both a hot drink.


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