I am a mother of two son’s and two beautiful grand babies:-)

I started blog October 2013 and recently completed blogging 101 in September this year in order to challenge myself. Out of that I decided it was time to start reflecting another side of me which was my imaginative side. I have always loved writing and thought I would explore my creative side a bit more by writing short stories for a blog.  This is all very new for me but I am hoping the challenge will be a good experience and a great way to draw out what is a pretty hidden part of myself.

I also lover photography.  I have completed a few beginner workshops and when I go on holiday or travel anywhere my camera (a bridge camera) goes with me.  I love graphics, design and anything that’s bold, colourful or strikingly different gets my attention.

Neveah is not my real name, but I liked the space of being anonymous, just me and my writing.

So welcome to The Imaginary Bureau:-)

Gravatar photo from Creative Commons – Google Images

Header Photo is my own taken whilst on holiday this year.



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