Photo Challenge – Connected

I think these three show a connection:-) Definitely a family connection and I just loved how they were together.

Taken by Imaginery Bureau 2015


Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy!

If there is anything I cannot stand the feel of it’s a spiders web. Regardless of the size of the spider that spun it just the feel of a single strand of a web on my face as you walk along the path as you aim for your gate. If you have flowers or hedging you may have experienced it in the early morning. Or even a strand landing on your arm.  Eww!! freaks me every time.  I would be beyond sense if I ever walked into an immense web as you get in some places:-)

Needless to say I am not a fan of Spiders either, but I have walked into more webs than I care to remember and rarely has a spider ever landed on me.

I used a blue effect to change my original photo.  Some how I think it has defined it even more.

London Sights 8-8-12 046
In the Midst Of It All – Taken by Imaginery Bureau

Weekly Photo Challenge: Convergence

Well not sure how this fits this weeks challenge but in my mind its the meeting new and old.

This was taken whilst I stood in the court-yard of the British library.  The straight modern edges are for the library whilst the elaborate structure in the back is the top of St Pancras Station which was built in 1862.

I just found it fascinating to look at in the mornings on my way into work so had to snap it.  Your eyes get drawn to so many points.

St Pancras At A Distance – By The Imaginary Bureau

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

This was my first attempt at capturing a bird going into flight.  I had visited a bird sanctuary, and trying to anticipate this Owl moving off was a real challenge.  The other thing was Owls make no sound in flight, so it was quite something when one flew near you or over your head because all you felt was the movement of the air against your face that was it!

Totally fascinating creatures and a real buzz for me. However, I think nothing would beat seeing these birds in the natural habitat, doing what they instinctively do.

It’s a few years on as you can see from the time and date on the photo (lol!) but I still love looking at the intent in its eyes as it focused on gauntlet used by the staff.

Bird Sanctuary 026
Taking Flight – © By Imaginary Bureau

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This was taken during my very first workshop which was in London July 2012. This was Damien Hurst huge 20ft Human Torso statue that was outside the Tate Modern.

I only captured the top half as there were lots of people taking pictures around the base.  I was fascinated by the statue.  Against the plain wall background of the Tate, it’s even more striking, and weird all at the same time. Had no idea what minimalist photography was at the time but I think this fits the brief.



Photography 101: Water

I took this whilst taking part in a charity walk on the grounds of a beautiful estate. Its slightly larger than this but I cropped it.

It was a nice shaded area near the edge of the lake and I just like the water and the reflection of the trees.

Locations 026

I am a reflector. Always thinking and I am no different when I take a picture whether its with my mobile or my beginners bridge Camera:-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Well, what can I say each week has been a challenge for me to find something that fits the brief. So today is a series of three photos out of my holiday photos. These were a few shots taken of a ride I decided to pass on whilst my sister explored her love for adventure. I really don’t do heights, so I played photographer instead.

Abu Dhabi Holiday 2014 050


What goes up?

Abu Dhabi Holiday 2014 046

Must come down!

Abu Dhabi Holiday 2014 059

Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction

This is my first entry into a photo challenge of any kind and science was not my strong point, so I had to look up what Refraction meant:-) Anyhow I thought, I could recreate that. So I got a champagne glass, filled it with water turned off my TV for the background dropped a spoon in it and thought there it is. I then snapped it with my phone a number of times and collaged it.

Refraction 17-10-14

Refraction – The Imaginary Bureau

I liked how the shot on the right almost aligns with the top segment and some how they seem connected.