Poetry: Secrets

To know, yet not speak. Shhhhhhhh!!!! To understand, yet not share. Secrets are purposefully hidden. Secrets come in many forms and guises, Some childlike and simple, No harm just enticing. Yet Some are dark A fathomless pit. Sorrow's and hurt, the centre of it. Continuously with you, an additional weight. A mask of many faces … Continue reading Poetry: Secrets

Poetry: Winter

Canva Image The air is crisp and sharp, The cold an envelope I now stand in,  My warm breath, a visible mist, Ascending, a fading cloud, a mist.   The trees are still, covered in white Snow has fallen heavily over night, Not a sound can be heard, it is still and quiet. A white … Continue reading Poetry: Winter

Poetry: The First Time I Saw You

The first time I saw you, I was in total awe. Your fingers were so perfect! Your feet, in miniature. I was physically exhausted, child birth was far from easy Contractions taking over me, demanding every ounce of strength from me. An intense wave that rose rhythmically within me. Now over, instantly. You had arrived. … Continue reading Poetry: The First Time I Saw You