Photo – Watching

The Groto I cannot remember the name if the Garden in Paris where these sculptures are found. But I still remember the impact of seeing them for the first time. The ability to capture power, motion and strength that moves something from mortal to imagery of a God is some gift and some imagination. Certainly … Continue reading Photo – Watching


The Muse Prt2 – Danielle

Danielle! You're going to be late for college "Are you ready?" " I'm leaving!" "Ruth wait?" "I'm coming! " "it's only 8.30, what's the rush?" "I told you, I have a meeting at 9.30 so I need to drop you off first!" "It's fine...... my first class is at 9.15." "You are always rushing! Even … Continue reading The Muse Prt2 – Danielle

2020 Photography Challenge – Point Of View Point Of View - From The Eiffel Tower 2018 The Eiffel Tower was such a challenge. For some reason I truly believed I could walk to the top! Well that was a total misconception 🤣🤣🤣 Paris was so hot that summer. It was 30+° and it wasn't even lunchtime. This could easily have been … Continue reading 2020 Photography Challenge – Point Of View

The Encounter

This was my first ever short story in 2014. Fantasy and Fiction ❤ Sometimes it’s good to revisit old posts.

The Imaginary Bureau

Waxing-Crescent-Moon_Dark-Night__IMG_4411-580x386 Waxing Crescent Moon – Creative Commons – Google Images

It was 1:30 a.m.  It had been a really long day and finally I had reached that point where I was now making myself comfortable, in my warm and oh, so cosy, bed for the night.

My body was tired, and in total appreciation of the warm sheets I now snuggled under, duvet and all. But my mind was still busy. Racing, considering this, pondering that.  For I was playing and toying with the idea of writing my first story.  What should it be? Maybe Fiction, as I love all things imaginary and sci-fi or something based on my own story? Ideas raced and whirled in my mind. As quickly as they appeared and were considered, explored and imagined, was as quickly they were rejected tossed aside and forgotten.

What about angels I thought? They do fascinate me?  What do you…

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