Cold! – Prt1

I had just finished work.  It was late, and I was feeling shattered to say the least.  It was around 7:30 pm and I had a good fifteen to twenty-minute walk to the nearest train station in order to get my train home. Work had been a very forgettable day for me, it was just … Continue reading Cold! – Prt1

Daily Prompt – Take A Chance On Me

If there is one place I like a bit of spontaneity and unpredictability, its on my holiday. To much planning and format is not for me as that is what normal life is like for me back home and holiday is about breaking routine! This holiday was with myself and two of my best girlie's. … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Take A Chance On Me

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This was taken during my very first workshop which was in London July 2012. This was Damien Hurst huge 20ft Human Torso statue that was outside the Tate Modern. I only captured the top half as there were lots of people taking pictures around the base.  I was fascinated by the statue.  Against the plain … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Short Story: Jamaica Drifting

It was another humid day. The sky was blue, the sun sat high in the noon-day sky, and the heat felt divine on my skin. I could hear Harry Belafonte singing in my head. Oh island in the sun....... Which was enough, of what was really quite an old song to be going around my … Continue reading Short Story: Jamaica Drifting