The Muse Prt2 – Danielle

Danielle! You're going to be late for college "Are you ready?" " I'm leaving!" "Ruth wait?" "I'm coming! " "it's only 8.30, what's the rush?" "I told you, I have a meeting at 9.30 so I need to drop you off first!" "It's fine...... my first class is at 9.15." "You are always rushing! Even … Continue reading The Muse Prt2 – Danielle

Short Story- The Muse

It was late. It had been an extremely long day with pressured deadlines. The day had started well enough, but by noon the schedule had slipped by a hour due to a number of things. Timing issues mostly. Abigal was the most amazing MUA, but she could be untimely at times with her overly creative … Continue reading Short Story- The Muse