Photography- Trees – Centre Stage

Trees are so Majestic! I had afternoon tea in celebration of my birthday last year (Luton Hoo). The Grounds were stunning and the sun was heavenly❤ For The Love of Trees - Centre Stage! © The Imaginary Bureau Blog 2020 Neveah 1

The Encounter

This was my first ever short story in 2014. Fantasy and Fiction ❤ Sometimes it’s good to revisit old posts.

The Imaginary Bureau

Waxing-Crescent-Moon_Dark-Night__IMG_4411-580x386 Waxing Crescent Moon – Creative Commons – Google Images

It was 1:30 a.m.  It had been a really long day and finally I had reached that point where I was now making myself comfortable, in my warm and oh, so cosy, bed for the night.

My body was tired, and in total appreciation of the warm sheets I now snuggled under, duvet and all. But my mind was still busy. Racing, considering this, pondering that.  For I was playing and toying with the idea of writing my first story.  What should it be? Maybe Fiction, as I love all things imaginary and sci-fi or something based on my own story? Ideas raced and whirled in my mind. As quickly as they appeared and were considered, explored and imagined, was as quickly they were rejected tossed aside and forgotten.

What about angels I thought? They do fascinate me?  What do you…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Convergence

Well not sure how this fits this weeks challenge but in my mind its the meeting new and old. This was taken whilst I stood in the court-yard of the British library.  The straight modern edges are for the library whilst the elaborate structure in the back is the top of St Pancras Station which … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Convergence

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

This was my first attempt at capturing a bird going into flight.  I had visited a bird sanctuary, and trying to anticipate this Owl moving off was a real challenge.  The other thing was Owls make no sound in flight, so it was quite something when one flew near you or over your head because … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This was taken during my very first workshop which was in London July 2012. This was Damien Hurst huge 20ft Human Torso statue that was outside the Tate Modern. I only captured the top half as there were lots of people taking pictures around the base.  I was fascinated by the statue.  Against the plain … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Well, what can I say each week has been a challenge for me to find something that fits the brief. So today is a series of three photos out of my holiday photos. These were a few shots taken of a ride I decided to pass on whilst my sister explored her love for adventure. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Short Story: Jamaica Drifting

It was another humid day. The sky was blue, the sun sat high in the noon-day sky, and the heat felt divine on my skin. I could hear Harry Belafonte singing in my head. Oh island in the sun....... Which was enough, of what was really quite an old song to be going around my … Continue reading Short Story: Jamaica Drifting