Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy!

If there is anything I cannot stand the feel of it’s a spiders web. Regardless of the size of the spider that spun it just the feel of a single strand of a web on my face as you walk along the path as you aim for your gate. If you have flowers or hedging you may have experienced it in the early morning. Or even a strand landing on your arm.  Eww!! freaks me every time.  I would be beyond sense if I ever walked into an immense web as you get in some places:-)

Needless to say I am not a fan of Spiders either, but I have walked into more webs than I care to remember and rarely has a spider ever landed on me.

I used a blue effect to change my original photo.  Some how I think it has defined it even more.

London Sights 8-8-12 046
In the Midst Of It All – Taken by Imaginery Bureau


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